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Nora is ONE! | My Blessed Life™

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I can’t believe how time flies. Seriously. And I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since Nora turned one. I’m a terrible blogger. AHHHH!

But, I MUST show these wonderful photos to you that totally capture Nora’s sweet personality.
Nora 1st Birthday 2

She is a total light and JOY in our lives!

Nora 1st Birthday 4

Nora 1st Birthday 5

Nora 1st Birthday 6

Nora 1st Birthday 7

Nora 1st Birthday 8

Nora 1st Birthday 9

Nora 1st Birthday 10

Nora 1st Birthday 11

Nora 1st Birthday 20

Nora 1st Birthday

Nora is seriously my doll baby. I just can’t even get over how much I adore her. We all adore her. Her daddy and brothers are quite smitten.

She’s a petite little thing and she’s FINALLY creeping along furniture and trying to take a few steps. She lets go and takes two steps and sofern into me.

I hope you’re smiling today and that Nora brightened your day too!


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